Use Free or Paid Keyword research tools

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Use Free or Paid Keyword research tools which is better and If use free tools which types of keywords taken and please explain the procedure of keyword research in free tools.

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Semrush aur ahrefs keyword research ke paid tools he. Iske alava aur bhi bahut free research tool he.

Free research tool ke liye me ubersuggest use karta hu. Yh free me paid features data he.

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Install Keyword Everywhere extension.
Keyword research ke liye bahut achcha free tool hai.

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the google adwords keyword tool is the best FREE option…

How to do proper keyword research with competition analysis ? (No one is going to tell you this process FREE > Secret revealed)

  1. At first find you primary keyword from google keyword planner

  2. For best keywords choose the keywords which have 10k or below searches with low competition

  3. Next type the keyword on google search bar with double quotation mark like - “Your Keyword”

  4. Now see the total results displayed … if the total result is below 40k then go for the keyword …otherwise skip it

  5. If you find your final keyword then type it again on google search bar

  6. Now scroll your page till the end of the google result

  7. Here you will find some LSI keywords (google like LSI / synonym / related keywords) = this process is used to make effective long tail keywords

  8. Now combine the main keyword with the LSI and use all of them in your content

----- Hope this guide will change your keyword research concept -------

  • Anirudh
    Freelance SEO executive

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Thank You sir. if follow this process i can rank for the articles and how many words write sir Please help me.

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And also suggest how to place main keyword and LSI keywords in the articles Please reply me sir.

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Your articles must be of more than 1000+ words…

There are many SEO factors to rank -

  1. 1000 + words article (high quality)

  2. For uniqueness you can include a youtube video (must provide the youtube source link)

  3. Use proper heading tags

  4. Try to write in small paragraphs

  5. Include points and bullets

  6. Bold the primary and LSI keywords

  7. Write 5 high quality articles and interlink them with proper anchor text

  8. Share on WEB 2.0 sites like tumblr, medium,

  9. Share on bookmarking sites like, linkarena

  10. Share on ping sites like pingomatic

These are only the basics… SEO is all about being consistent and personal experience … There is no thumb rule BUT you have to work as per google’s protocol i.e. ranking factors and algorithm…

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Use your keywords -

  1. In the beginning of your article

  2. In the first paragraphy

  3. In the middle you can use the LSI

  4. At the end of article use the primary keyword

  5. Also use your keywords in the permalink structure…

Read this guide on LSI keys -

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Thank You For providing a guiding on keyword research. How many times used primary keyword or LSI keywords in article of 1000 words Please help me sir.

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@anicow247 Thank You hamare Family Member Ko Itne Details Se Info Provide Karne Ke Liye…