Top 10 Ideas to Write Quality Blog Posts

(Mo Mahtab) #1

Ek new Blog bnana bahut easy hai aap 1 hour me ek achha blog setup kr skte ho chahe wordpress ho ya fir blogger lekin jab ham blog bna lete hai to hame ye nhi samjh aata ki kaunse topic pe post likha jaye
so i have some ideas to handle this issue

1.write content to help newbies (most used)

2.provide solutions of problems we face in daily life OR on internet

3.write roundUp posts to get some buzz in community list of anything which you can share! (always works)

5.don’t be confuse with writing… justkeep thing simple

6.make a plan to work… and do on consistently

7.try to find some viral stories and write on them to get noticed

8.write reviews posts (you can get some affiliate sales as well)

9.write on success stories around us(we all love to read these stories)

10.get involved in social groups to find problems , so that you may write solutions on them

11.try qoura to find blog post ideas


(Jumedeen khan) #2

@iammahtab Hindi community forum par is behreen post ke liye aapko dil se thanks.

(Mo Mahtab) #3

Thanks@iamjdk 'bro for your valuable thought’s :kissing_heart:

(Jamshed Khan) #4

@iammahtab Awesome. Aapne wakai bahut acche indeas btaye hai.

(Mo Mahtab) #5

Thanks @iamjamshed bro.