How to Clean Error Log Files?

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Hello SMI Team,

What to do, If Bandwidth is Full ? and What is the involvement of LOG Files in this case ? Can I increase Bandwidth by removing LOG Files ?.. Yes or No… If Yes, How to Clean Un-managed Log Files

(Jumedeen khan) #2

Which server you use?

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I use Digitalocean VPS (Nginx on Ubuntu 18.04) and Shared Hosting… I want to know above said that how to remove unmanaged log files on both hosting platform, how to increase bandwidth through remove log files after bandwidth exceeded message ?.. what the log files are removed to increase the bandwidth ?

(Jumedeen khan) #4

Yes you can remove nginx error log extra files (like error.log.1) but do not remove main log file (like error.log) remove only error.log.1, error.log.2, error.log.3 and more.

You can delete them vai below command lines

sudo find /var/log/ -type f -regex '.*\.log.1$' -delete

Please check path before use this command.