Does SBI hold large payment from Facebook or Adsense?

(Amit Singh) #1

I have FB pages where I run Instant Articles News websites. Last month I received payment of 600$ and successfully got into my bank account. I have also received many times 100$ and 200$ from Adsense successfully. But this month payment from Facebook is around 7000$. Facebook sent payment around 16 November but still I did not get the amount in my SBI bank account. Does SBI hold larger amount foreign payments? Help me if you guys know how to deal with it.

(Jumedeen khan) #2

contact back to approve transaction.

(Ravi Kumar Sahu) #3

Aap Apne :bank: bank se contact kare

(Amit Singh) #4

Sir mai different city me rahta hoon aur branch kahi aur hai. Aap toh jante hai SBI walo ko na phone uthate hai aur na hi mail ka reply dete hai. Mujhe khud branch me jana padega?