♻ [Bad News] Blogspot.in Domain अब बंद हो रहा है?

Hello SMI,

This is badly news for every Newbie & Older Indian bloggers. Which are running a blog from Blogspot.in.

Google blogspot.in domain came to India in 2012. Which was to be updated in 2020, but Google has closed blogspot.in, means totally shutdown Blogspot.In domain.

Which has affected site traffic of all 4 million bloggers. Current Blogspot.in is redirected to Blogspot.com.

Blogspot.in domain is purchased by the Indian company (Domainming.com). Google has sold it in $5999 to Domainming.com.

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ये तो बहुत ही बुरी खबर है, :unamused: :roll_eyes:

सिर्फ $5999 में, मैं इस पर विश्वास नहीं कर सकता! :zipper_mouth_face:

Not official, but it’s price news according to gadgets.ndtv.com and please check their new company registry on whois.com

हा बहुत लोगो का नुकसान हुआ है पर इसका मतलब ये तो नहीं कि भविष्य में ब्लॉगर बंद हो जाए?

I would like to tell you that It’s not said here, Blogger will be closed. whereas, the country related blogspot domain discussed here i.e. Blogspot.In

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I have also found out about him.

Ok, what kind of knowledge about it. please explain and share with reliable content.

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I also got what you mentioned above.

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